Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year. There is nothing better than the pure joy that fills my heart when the season rolls back around like an old friend. So much joy in fact, that sometimes it can be hard to stop and enjoy- truly savor the most important aspects of Christmastime.

Tonight I felt that I had a lot on my plate. Which is silly because I only have 2.5 days of work until I get to head home for a (much needed) 11 day break. I needed to clean up my apartment, do laundry, cook my self a healthy meal, make a packing list for home and wrap up any last minute Christmas shopping (no pun intended!!), all while trying to soak up every wonderful drop of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas in the glow of my Christmas tree.

I decided I had to make a choice. I could either allow myself to continue to be overwhelmed the rest of the evening, or I could prioritize and focus on staying calm. I don’t know about you, but the first thing I want to do when I’m feeling stressed is to curl up under my king-sized heated blanket and watch about 10 episodes of The Office.

I made a list that looked something like this:

  • Take a moment to relax. Breathing exercise? Bath?
    • I chose a pressure point technique that is perfect for clearing the head- place your fingers under your ears behind your ear lobes, tilt your chin upwards slightly and press your fingers into the small groove for about 30 seconds.
  • Prioritize! What is actually important and realistic for me to accomplish this evening? What can wait until tomorrow or even next week?
  • Make some time for myself to do something that I enjoy.

By being intentional with my evening, I was able to accomplish the tasks that I needed to in order to feel prepared for my trip home. This created the time for me to enjoy a Tank 7 and write this blog post 🙂

I hope this quick read can serve as a reminder that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, as long as we don’t pressure ourselves to get everything done perfectly.

Have that glass of wine, watch The Santa Clause for the 3rd time, and indulge yourself in the cheesy Holiday novel. Your sanity, and your family will be grateful!



House plants: A story of young love

I am coming up on a year of living in my apartment. Having been in college the last four years, I’ve moved around a lot. As in like, once a year. My apartment definitely feels like home and it’s somewhere I want to stay for a long time.

As a little gift to myself for signing a new lease, I decided I wanted to spruce up my room with a few new decorations. I did some research and got some inspiration from numerous talented bloggers on Instagram. I have been especially inspired by the style of blogger Lunar Over Linear. Check out her blog here 🙂 I began to notice how popular house plants have become. That was exactly what I needed to add some life to my bedroom.

I set out to Home Depot having done no research on house plants. I was excited when I found that they had a huge section of indoor plants available. I was nervous that this would not be the case considering it’s the middle of February.

I scanned over the plants, judging only on price and appearance. I quickly settled on a large Majesty Palm. I took it home and found the perfect spot for it in my room.


I was so excited about how it looked. I felt like I was at the beach. My room was turning into a secret little oasis and I loved it.

Now here’s the sad part of the story. I figured out that it would be pretty smart to do some research into the care of my plant. I googled “how to care for a Majesty Palm”. Disaster struck. Every website, every blog, every post I could find, strongly warned against buying a Majesty Palm for your home. Apparently, they are one the most high maintenance, dramatic, temperamental plants you can find. They also attract spider mites… gross.


Sorry Majesty Palm, as majestic as you looked, my personal oasis does not include spider mites.

It was back to the drawing board. This time I decided to take my time and do my research. The unanimous opinion by almost all of the online sources I found, was that the snake plant is the best indoor plant you can get. Even researchers at NASA have said that the benefits of having a snake plant in your home are huge.

I consulted my good pal Kolt. He loves plants and is very knowledgeable on the subject. He recommended that I go to a little place called Soil Service on the corner of Troost and Gregory here in KCMO. They staff were so incredibly friendly. I worked with Caleb to find the perfect Snake Plant for me. He was not only incredibly knowledgeable but also so passionate about plants.


I am in love with my new plant. And I actually mean it. It is the perfect size and so low maintenance. It only needs water about once a month!

At night while were sleeping, the Snake Plant works tirelessly to convert carbon dioxide into fresh and pure oxygen. It also removes toxins including formaldehyde and benzene from the air. This is so beneficial for creating an ideal sleep setting. It’s pretty magical.

I have to say, this may be my first house plant (with the exception of a few succulents I already have), but it won’t be my last. Everyone should consider the benefits of owning a house plant. Not only do they provide physical health benefits, but they can also provide mental stability and wellness. Being able to love and care for something in order to promote its growth and well being is always a great thing!